Choises of Build Definition:

  • xaml based
    • WPF framework
    • Customize activity with custom DLLs
  • vNext
    • Support multiple platforms
    • Local Configuration Management (LCM)’s DSC
    • Agentless

Choices of Release Management:

  • Stanalone Release Management (InRelease)
    • Standalone databases are gone during the recent updates. You will no longer see the ReleaseManagement database on the TFS DB server
    • Standalone executables are going away pretty soon. Microsoft has stopped providing updates and will just fade it out in the next few releases
  • Integrated with TFS Web Access (TWA)
    • Web-based interface
    • Browser friendly
    • Integrated with TFS databases
    • Custom tasks/steps available (extension)
    • Environment-oriented deploy steps
    • Support multiple platforms

Customization & Integration

  • Build Tasks
    • Cleaner look, if you have multiple steps, you may want to combine them together into a custom build task. Plus you can have your own icon.
  • TWA Hubs
    • A developer hack for on premises TFS for now. But works
  • TWA Widgets
    • A quick view especially useful for business users
    • 4×4 limitation
  • Service Hooks
    • Integrate TFS with other ticketing systems using Restful + json
  • Reports
    • SSRS
    • Excel + Tabular mode
    • Power BI