Executive Summary

The team is in need of a more automatic, integrated, and productive build and release processes due to its growth of business and organization. Currently, the team is replying on nightly build-and-deploy scripts to push code to QA and some manual ones during the day time. The nightly process is time consuming (about 3 hours) while the cherry-pick process happening during day time is not only resources consuming but also creating issues sometimes due to its incompletion. On top of that, the instability of environments is slowing down the productivity of multiple teams. The official production release is prepared from loosely controlled QA environment instead of any source control systems.

Based on the information collected so far, proposed solution is to break it down to focus on 5 impact areas in 3 phases. The goals are to increase business bottom line by increasing velocity of development, effectiveness of resources, and the quality of processes. To achieve these goals, we would like to focus on improving the quality of Version Control System, Build process, Deploy process, Integration, and Audit. These areas will be improved parallel and throughout the whole quality enhancement despite of the phases.

First phase, we will be collecting information and set up the fundamental technology for future integration and automation. Second phase, we will implement the Contiguous Integration (CI), integrate multiple components of the eco-system, and connect them with DevOps practice. Third phase, we will be working on Continuous Improvement to form the iteration of quality circles.