I just created a project on CodePlex (http://myscmelementoolintegrator.codeplex.com/) for an integrator between Elementool(http://www.elementool.com/) and TFS workitem.

Project Description
Integrate between TFS Work Item and Elementool issue tracking system.

This project is to integrate between TFS Work Item and Elementool.

The needs came from teams using TFS as their source control system but using Elementool as their ticketing system. The goal is to have an integrator syncing up both system so the developers can associate their checkins/changesets with the right Elementool issue thus provide some more analytical capability from TFS side.

It is a Windows Application, so you can run it manually or you can set it up as a scheduled job and running constantly (i.e., every 15 minutes). Just copy all files (exe, dll, and config) into a designated folder. No installation is required (I might have a installer project in the future).

In the config file (MySCM.Integration.Elementool.ElementoolIntegrator.Pull.exe.config), specify the credential for both Elementool and TFS, debug option, and Elementool QuickReport name. So you have to setup a quick report within your Elementool for the right set of issues you would like to integrate.

When running with the LogFile debug option enabled (DebugLogFile=true), it will dump progress data into the files (Design.log & User.log) under the Log folder. And if you want to show the messagebox, set DebugMessageBox to true.

Please feel free to contact me for questions, feature requests, and willingness to join the project to share and improve it.