Time to prepare the upgrade to TFS 2012 and underlying systems. This sounds like a straight forward task, at least at the surface of it. However, let’s try to answer few questions before start putting the plans down.

First, should I do a on-premise upgrade or setup a new TFS 2012 environment and migrate the existing content?

Second, Should I just upgrade TFS or also upgrade other systems as well? This might include Operation system, SQL server, and/or SharePoint server.

Third, is it a right timing to also change the topology of our TFS environment? Should I change it from single server setup to a farm setting? Or even prepare a scaleable setup for future TFS service setting?

Forth, there has been some needs/requests for project consolidation, should I do (or at least consider it) it while we are changing the system any way.

Fifth, Over time, the size of the team project collection databases have been growing (even by some unnecessary attachment files) dramatically. Should I eliminate some unwanted content and shrink the databases all together?

Sixth, Are we gonna re-evaluate some custom fields and user groups we created in the past just to satisfy some particular needs (which might not exist any more) since we are going to use a different process template (Microsoft Scrum 2.0) going forward?

The scope is now changing quiet a bit, isn’t it? If you start thinking about those questions, it now becomes a “project” involving Infrastructures, DBA, PMO, and the visionaries of your company.

I will try to address these concerns in the following posts.