• Config files  – XML
  • Environment Preparation – Reset the target environment (to the correct/normal setup) before the code deployment
  • Procedures 
  1. Setup OS (i.e., Windows7, Win2008R2, etc.)
  2. Setup System Applications (i.e., SQL, .Net Frameworks, etc.)
  3. Setup System Environment (i.e., IIS sites, IIS AppPools, Windows Services, Jobs, etc.)
  4. Deploy “Depoyment Scripts” – per project, build definition
  5. Deploy (by deployment scripts) binaries (i.e., DLLs, pages, text files, etc.)
  6. Localize (if required) config files based on this virtual environment
  7. Process project specific actions
  8. Run automatic tests to sanitize (smoke tests) the newly deployed environment (with the new binaries)
  9. Notify stakeholders