This tool set is for someone with Visual Studio experience as you will be doing check-in, check-out, branching, merging, editing, and deploying code/packages from Visual Studio. Feel free to contact me if you need something out of box, coding free version.
  1. Download MySCM
  2. Unzip MySCM
  3. Open MySCM solution through Visual Studio (Run as Administrator needed)
  4. Decide where you want to install it ->
  5. Create MySCM web site on the IIS server
  6. Create TFSEventService application under MySCM site
  7. View in Browser to make sure it works locally
  8. Add TFSEventServices.Publish.xml file into the project so you can save the change without retyping it every time re-open the solution file
  9. Setup & save Publish profile
  10. Publish the web apps/services