Again, this involves manipulating the back end database. Not encouraged if you are not comfortable with it. And do not forget to change it back to keep its original integrity.

Sometimes, it will be nice if you can also manage/re-use user groups from other project (usually other teams) so one you don’t have to re-type those user names again and again (especially they need to be the same), and two you can have one central place to maintain them instead of multiple groups which can be hard to manage and out of sync pretty quick.

  • Database: Tfs_Configuration
  • Table: dbo.tbl_gss_groups
  • Column: pid
    • Make it to 0/5 then it becomes a global (server/collection level) group
    • Or you can just set it to the project id you want it to be visible
    • The hard part if to make it visible so you can select/define them in the target project. Once it is selected/defined, TFS will make necessary mapping records in its tables ( so it will have its own unique membership/permission records). So if you change it again (ie, change it back), it will not affect the desired result.