When setting up VMs in your local laptop/desktop, couple things you want to pay attention:

  • Set the virtual disk file be expandable instead of fixed size for obvious future extendibility
  • Pick a big-enough maximum size for your expandable disk file as it is hard and complex to re-size it once it reaches its maximum size.
  • Manage the way you use those virtual disk files as it can be expanded but not able to be shrunk down even you delete the files from them. Below are the way I structure them


D: Data

  • SQL Data
  • VS Solutions/Projects
  • Server Data/Tools

E: Temp Data ( can be wiped out from the outside vdi)

  • Builds
  • Drops
  • Local Software Repository
So OS disk will not grow too fast, data file can be easily moved around (even to another VM), and temp data virtual disk can be deleted and rebuilt when they are too big.