Tool: TFS Integration Tools

Plan: Download TFS Integration Tools Migration Guidance from Codeplex

Install: Download & Install TFS Integration Tools from Codeplex


  1. Create New migration session by selecting the configuration xml file (ie., Versioned Code, Work Items, etc.)
  2. Configure the Left source (From)
  3. Configure the Right source (To)
  4. Click “Start” under “Current Migration” from the left panel
  5. Click “View Progress” and select “Output” tab to view the ongoing progress
  • Discovery (Analyzing TFS change) – Roughly about 105 minutes for my test run with 1747 change sets
  • Analysis (Generating migration instruction) – 75 minutes w/ 2 conflicts – When conflicts happened, the tools will stop and give you the chance to resolve the conflicts with rules (i.e., manual merge, 46101 & 46102)
  • Migration – 10 minutes, showed 1747 migrated, but not actually migrated yet
  • Analysis (after Migration?, Analyze change groups) – about 60 minutes to generate more change groups to 2691
  • Analysis (Generating migration instruction) – 40 minutes for those additional 944 change sets/groups
  • Migration – 5 minutes – one “changeset does not exist” conflict….. Acknowledge it to move on
  • Analysis – 70 minutes for more change sets – from 2691 to 3635
  • Analysis (Generating migration instruction) –  45 minutes for those additional 944 change sets/groups
  • Migration – minutes – “could not find 46102” conflict (ChangeGroup #7298), 3 times – start (it actually re-start it, it will reload those groups again) it again after Acknowledge it – Add a rule (TFS history not found) to skip it

PS: You may move code from one project to another on the same server/collection using “tfs move” command

PPS: The tool keeps records in Database so you can continue to migrate next time you start it

Note: How to setup conflict rules