Before changing work item type definitions, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • This should be done by SCM team.
  • This is part of Change Management process.
  • Work Item definition is per team project.
  • TFS 2010 does not provide GUI to change work item definition directly.
  • You can export (download) work item template (using command line interface), modify the xml definition file, and then import (upload) back to TFS server.
  • or you can download and install TFS 2010 Productivity Power Tools to have the Process Editor embedded into your Visual Studio IDE to modify it.
  • Either way TFS does not keep history of the work item definition changes.
  • We use TFS source control to manage work item definition

To Change work item definition,

  1. Receive the work item (service request)
  2. Check out the definition from source control
  3. Export the current definition from TFS server to local work space and overwrite the checked out version
  4. Compare the downloaded local version with the latest version on server to make sure they are identical (This is part of Audit process).
  5. Edit work item definition xml file or use Process Editor to modify work item.
  6. Import (if edit it locally) and check in the changed item.
  7. Send notification to related email reception lists.
  8. Update the work item (service request).